2023-10-07 09:00:00


Participation fee

  • For club members:
  • from 7 900 HUF
  • For guests:
  • from 15 900 HUF

You are kindly invited to our annual IMG Trophy Tournament, where you can win valuable prizes supported by IMG Prestige.

Date of the tournament: 07.10.2023 09:00.

Entry fees:

For Zala Springs Juniors: 7.900 HUF

For club members: 10.900 HUF

For weekday members and non Zala Springs Junior members: 15.900 HUF

For non-club members: 34.900 HUF

Form of play: Maximum gross PAR +5 strokes strokeplay 18 stages - HCP qualifying tournament.

For more information, please see the tournament announcement on the Golfigo website.

The tournament committee reserves the right to make changes.