2023-06-19 00:00:00


Participation fee

  • For club members:
  • 11 990 HUF + light ball
  • For guests:
  • 19 990 HUF + light ball

You loved it in previous years, and we will continue! Join us again this year for an exciting night golf tournament, then join our Race to Zala Springs ranking competition on Saturday, then don't forget to splash around at the Pool party afterwards on Saturday night!

You will definitely want to reserve a room early!

On the 23 rd of June we expect a very busy event, luminous balls and a golf course glowing in light!

Entry fee:
for members: HUF 11,990 + light ball
for junior players: HUF 5,990 + light ball
for players of other clubs: HUF 19,990 + illuminated ball

The entry fee includes the BBQ party before the competition and participation in the competition.

Don't forget to book accommodation with your application, there are only a limited number of places!