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Credit Membership puts you in control. It is a completely flexible way of enjoying the game, giving you the precise amount of golf you want, when you want it and at a cost you can manage.

This could be attractive for golfers from Budapest or further away to have this type of membership at Zala Springs Golf Resort. You can use credits to pay for other items such as golf buggies, range balls, tuition and competitions. The week is split up in to colour coded zones,

Monday, Tuesday - Zone 1
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – Zone 2
Saturday, Sunday – Zone 3

Credit membership structure

  Services Usable credits
1 credit = 1 Euro
Zala Springs listed prices
Zone 1
Mon, Tues
18 holes 48 60 Euro
9 holes 32 40 Euro
Zone 2
Wed, Thurs, Fri
18 holes 50 60 Euro
9 holes 34 40 Euro
Zone 3
Sat, Sun
18 holes 68 80 Euro
9 holes 42 50 Euro
Golf car 24 32 Euro
Range balls 3 3 Euro
Lessons 1 person 23 30 Euro
Lessons 2 persons 31 40 Euro
Lessons 3-4 persons 47 60 Euro
Hungarian Golf Federation card 32 32 Euro
Tournament entry 30 60 Euro
Status - Full membership under Credit membership system, full membership benefits -10% in golf shop and restaurant. At the end of the year a maximum of 25% can be carried forward to the following year.

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An example of the CM

To become an individual Credit member, you need to pay 650 Euros, with this you will get 650 credits that you can use at the Zala Springs Golf Resort as per the table above (1 credit = 1 Euro)

You start with 650 credits, you play on Monday morning and you will use up 32 credits and the new running credits total will be 618 credits.

Once you have used up all your credits you need to top up your credits minimum 300 Euros giving another 300 credits.

Other types of credit membership

Family credit membership
(including 2 children up to 18 years of age)
1000 Euro 1000 credits
Corporate credit membership
(one named card plus one guest card)
1000 Euro 1000 credits
Corporate credit membership
(one named card plus two guest card)
1350 Euro 1350 credits
Corporate credit membership
(one named card plus three guest card)
1650 Euro 1650 credits

(The named person on the corporate card will receive full membership benefits)

If during the year you do not use up your credits you are allowed to carry forward 25% of the credits to the following year. This means that if you start with 650 credits and you only use 450 credits then you can carry forward 162 credits to next year. If you use over 487 credits then the remining amount is carried forward as it is within the 25% allowed.

List of membership benefits

These are the membership benefits that you will be entitled to with the credit membership system,

  • Courtesy golf at Penati Golf Resort
  • Reduced green fees up to 30% at over 25 golf course in the surrounding countries*
  • Unlimited use of the driving range is included in the green fee
  • -10% reduction from the golf shop and restaurant

*List provided on request

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