Covid 19


Covid 19

Dear Guest,

as previously indicated to you, in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Hungarian Government, we have temporarily suspended the normal operation of our facility to protect the health of our employees, club members and guests.

During this time we have developed our health and safety standards further so that we are prepared for the reopening if the time and the conditions allow.

We are pleased to announce that, taking into account the weather forecast and government conditions on Friday, May 8th, Zala Springs Golf Resort will partially lift the restrictions of the 10th of April and set the opening hours for the weekend as follows:

Reception and shop in the clubhouse(entrance from the terrace): 07:00 to 19:00
Restaurant terrace: 10:00 to 18:00

The restaurant is looking foreward to host our club members and guests with a temporarily narrowed bistro menu!

To ensure a safe and enjoyable stay, we have put in place the following precautions and services:

- All our employees have received full training on the new Covid 19 rules
- Tables are placed at a sufficient distance
- Continuous and careful disinfection of golf carts, trolley and golf equipment
- Hand sanitization points have been placed in many areas of the Resort
- Frequent ventilation in all rooms of the Resort
- Extra cleaning in every 2 hours in community areas (door handles, railings, restrooms, restaurant tables, reception desk, bar counter)
- Special disinfection is applied in the rooms and hand disinfectant is provided in advance in each guest room
- We provide the possibility to check in online.


- When entering the clubhouse the provided disinfectant must be used and MNS masks must be worn without exception.
- After booking a tee time in advance, always start from Tee 1,
- Take special care to mark the balls so that you do not touch a foreign ball,
- Keep enough distance to each other during the game,
- Temporarily it is prohibited to take out the flag pole from the hole. It is best to pick up the ball within 50 cm of the hole and mark the hole as finished.
- Line up the sand in the bunkers with your clubs. The rakes have been removed.
- Please observe the pace of play. If you are slow, please pick up the ball and advance to the next hole.
- Please always follow the hygiene instructions and disinfect or wash your hands before and after the game.
- Say „Thank you for the play!” with a bow instead of a handshake.

We wish you a nice game!

Kind Regards,

Zala Springs Golf Resort