Boutique SPA

Boutique SPA

„During the design of the floating wellness, we dedicated time to look into the physical properties of the water. Such as its temperature, pressure, flow and buoyancy, and how these combined qualites will affect the body of bathers. Our spa will provide an excellent opportunity for those who like active and passive relaxation. In the design of our award-winning Boutique Spa building, the quality of the materials used and the closeness of nature were important to us, so the elements of the earth are reflected in the building and its surroundings.” – said Mr. Russel Hannah, IMG Senior Golf Director.
The outdoor swimming pool (20 m) and the outdoor jacuzzi is filled with thermal water throughout the year. Water experiences are enhanced by our indoor adventure pool, in which you can find several different entertainment features as well as light therapy. In addition to the biosauna and the classic steam cabin, there is an authentic Finnish sauna equipped for saunasessions. The Health Bar welcomes you with refreshing cocktails.


There was created a cozy relaxation area with luxurious loungers, where several times during the day herbal teas are offered. The Boutique Spa offers a range of massages and body treatments, whether for golf-related regeneration or even just indulgence. On request, our massage rooms can function as romantic couples treatment room. A delightful and refreshing massage can serve as a basis for general well-being and complete physical and mental balance.

SPA menu       Reservation


The wellness area of the resort provides unlimited relaxation for not only our hotel guests. Visitors are welcomed to use the Boutique Spa depending on the occupancy of the resort. Before arrival, please always contact our colleagues about the available capacity of the wellness area by phone:

+36 83 900 950

Opening hours

Unlimited wellness use fee, which is included in the room rate for our hotel guests:

Entrance fee from Monday to Friday: 10.900 Huf
Entrance fee for Saturday and Sunday: 12.900 Huf
Afterwork entrance fee (after 16:00): 5.900 Huf
Children entrance fee (ages 4-12): 7.500 Huf
Children entrance fee (up to 3 years old) - free
Season ticket (10 entries): 85.000 Huf

The ticket price includes the use of 1 towel and 1 sauna sheet/person.

Opening hours:

1.12-26.12: 10:00-19:00
between 26.12 and 31: 8:00-20:00
weekend: 8:00-20:00

Sauna Session

  • 17:00 December is here! - aromatic sauna session
  • 18:00 Sweet life - sugar peeling
  • 18:45 Olive dream - olive oil body treatment
  • 17:00 Vitamin supplement - vitamin sauna session
  • 18:00 Vitality - aromatic sauna session
  • 18:45 Icy shiver - ice sauna session
  • 17:00 Salt cleansing - salt peeling
  • 18:00 Honey-glazed - honey body treatment
  • 18:45 Sauna siesta - aromatic sauna session
  • 17:00 Irish fever - sugar peeling
  • 18:00 Golden beer - beer sauna session
  • 18:45 Ice mint - menthol sauna session
  • 17:00 Winter sweetness - sugar peeling
  • 18:00 Yoghurt dream - yoghurt body treatment
  • 18:45 Wonderful elixir - aromatic sauna session
  • 17:00 Winter is here! - aromatic sauna session
  • 18:00 Cool breeze - icy sauna session
  • 18:45 joy - beer sauna session
  • 17:00 Citrus enchantment - vitamin sauna session
  • 18:00 Mountain air - aromatic sauna session
  • 18:45 Taste of Tuscany - olive oil sauna session
  • 17:00 Fragrance adventure - aromatic sauna session
  • 18:00 Beer minutes - beer sauna session
  • 18:45 Tea afternoon - tea sauna session
  • 17:00 Smooth affair! - Salt peeling
  • 18:00 Yoghurt - magic - yoghurt body treatment
  • 18:45 Aromatic relaxation - aromatic sauna session
  • 17:00 Oil magic - olive oil body treatment
  • 18:00 New Year's Eve relaxation - aromatic sauna session
  • 18:45 Ice bird - ice sauna session