Wine dinner with the Jammertal Wine Estate

It’s a pleasure to invite you to come and try for the first time the Jammertal Wine Estate at Zala Springs.

The dinner menu will be:
*Goose cheese with beetroot cream | brown bread | germ - Yellow Submarine 2017
*Veal consommé - Pink Panther 2018
*Shrimp | pumpkin | risotto - Red Baron 2016
*Rossini | potato gratin | carrot | jus - Blue Sky 2012
*Chocolate mousse - Cassiopeia CS 2011

The price is 13 990 Ft/ person + service fee.

The dinner will be served at 07:00 PM.
To book your table please contact us at

The Resort can provide complimentary transfer – please be advised this must be requested in advance.