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12th Hungarian Mid-Amateur Open Golf Championship

Participation fee

  • For club members:
  • 250 EUR
  • For guests:
  • 250 EUR

12th Hungarian Mid-Amateur Open Golf Championship

The Hungarian Golf Association and the Hungarian Mid-Amateur Golf Association

Date of Championship
30 August - 1 September 2024 (3 individual StrokePlay rounds, 54 stages).

Official practice day
29 August 2024 (Thursday)

Championship venue
Zala Springs Golf Resort, Zalacsány

1. Rules
The Championship will be held in accordance with the rules of the R&A, the Competition Rules and Ranking List of the Hungarian Golf Association and the MMAGE Hungarian Mid-Amateur Golf SE, and the local rules of the Zala Springs Golf Resort in force during the tournament.

2. Participants
Any domestic MidAmateur and Senior golfer and golfer registered abroad who complies with point 1 of Appendix 2 to the Competition Rules is eligible to enter.
The Organisers will accept entries from players who are over the age of 30 years as at 00:00 on 30 August 2024.

3. Championship format and cut
The competition will take place in three rounds, in individual StrokePlay format, where the field will be cut after the second day of competition (36 holes). The cut will be applied up to a maximum of 72 players, including Tied players, taking into account the proportion of players of each sex in the original starting field, with the Championship Committee deciding in case of doubt.
The exact application of the cut (number of players, gender ratio, etc.) may be modified by the Championship Director at his discretion, but the exact description of the cut must be posted on the information board or entered in the GOLFiGO system by noon on the practice day at the latest.

At the discretion of the Tournament Committee (circumstances permitting), in the case of a CUT, players not placed in the final may play (out of competition) on the day of the final, but they may only start 30 minutes after the last group of players.

4. Modification of the handicap
The Championship is a handicap modifier.

5. Form of entry
Entry for the Championship can be done online only in the official sports administration system of the Hungarian Golf Federation.

6. Entry fee
€250 / player

7. Entry and other deadlines
26 August 2024 (Monday) 12:00
Deadline for receipt (crediting) of the entry fee: 27 August 2024 (Tuesday) noon

Entries can only be withdrawn online via the GOLFiGO system, with a deadline of Wednesday 28 August 2024 noon.

Entries are valid upon payment of the entry fee. Entries will only be accepted if the entry fee is paid by the deadline.

The entry fee is payable to MMAGE Magyar Mid-Amatőr Golf SE, OTP Bank HU141176 3024 4331 2885 0000 0000, SWIFT: OTPVHUHB. The name of the player and the „MidAm Open 2024” must be indicated in the note field.

8. Entry fee includes
- GreenFee on the practice day before and on the Championship days (4 Greenfees in total),
- unlimited driving range use between Friday and Sunday
- 3x Snack package,
- Swiss Laboratory refreshment points during the Championship,
- meals on Friday,
- participation in The Box Donut party,
- participation in the wine tasting
- a barbecue dinner on the terrace on Saturday
- Sunday lunch
- participation in additional activities
- discounted SPA entrance ticket

9. Entry limit
A maximum of (144) entries will be accepted, including players with a free entry card.

10. Players with wild card:
According to race rules. Please contact the Championship Committee.

11. Handicap limit
Male: 18.0
Female: 24.0
(In all cases, the deadline for entries will apply.)

Players with a higher HCP Index than this will not be allowed to participate in the Championship (except for up to 6 wild card players invited by the Organisers, provided that the HCP Index of the wild card player(s) does not exceed 36.0)

12. WAGR scoring method:
The competition is a world ranking points event on both the EGA and WAGR calendars.

13. Starting list
13.1. The starting list for the first round will be available on GOLFiGO from noon on Thursday 29 August 2024 at the latest.
13.2. The starting lists for the following rounds will be available on GOLFiGO within one hour after the official end of the previous rounds.

13.3. In the second round, the field will start in ascending order based on the first day's Stroke results, preferably in categories by gender.
13.4. In the third round, the field will start in descending order based on the first and second day's aggregate Stroke results. The final groups shall be formed so that the players with the best chance of winning in each
category start last.

14. Tee boxes
Men: standard men (yellow)
Women: standard female (red)

15. Champions
Open Champion 2023 Men: Máté Szeberényi
Open Champion 2023 Women: Galyna Zagorodnia

16. Ties
In the event of a tie for first place in either the Men's Gross, Women's Gross or Nations Cup categories following the final round of competition, the players concerned (or in the case of a team, the player nominated by the Team Captain) will play a Play-off in sudden death. The Playoff will take place at the time and stage(s) designated by the Championship Committee.

17. Prizes
Men's Gross 1-3 places
Women's Gross 1-3 places
Nations Cup Gross 1-3 places

The prizes of the Open Hungarian MidAm Championship can be awarded to any participant according to the classification of the category.

18. Nations Cup
Players from all countries can enter the Nations Cup category in groups of at least 3 and up to 4 players. Any number of teams from one country may enter.
Evaluation will be based on the gross number of strokes by adding up the three rounds of the tournament. The 3 best scores in each round will be taken into account. If a team does not have at least 3 valid scores in a round, it will be disqualified.

Attention, important change:

Keeping and validating results (online scorecard)
From 1 January 2024, online result validation will be mandatory at the Championship.

Official score-cards will not be printed at the Championship (however, anyone can bring any paper score-card to the course if they feel it necessary).

At the latest at the time of the score chekcing in the scoring area, at least ONE member of the flight must record the results ONLINE to GOLFiGO. It is recommended that all players do this themselves from hole by hole during the Championship. After the score checking, the validation is done by everyone entering their email address and GOLFiGO password (this replaces the signature).
Once the score card has been validated, the player can no longer change the recorded score.

In the event of a discrepancy between the entries of two players at any stage, the system will immediately send a red highlighted message to the players concerned and, in this case, the system will only allow the online score card to be validated after the discrepancy has been corrected.

If no one has a mobile phone in a particular flight after returning, the results of that flight will be recorded by the Championship Office or the club official in the scoring area, in which case the players must authenticate on the Championship’s computer device.

It is recommended to keep the results in the GOLFiGO online (scorecard) interface.
The validation of the results (signing the scorecard) should be done through the GOLFiGO online system.

19. Pace of play
Maximum time for 18 holes is 4 hours 19 minutes. Please see Annex 4 of the Competition Rules of MGSZ.

20. Caddie
The use of a caddie is allowed.

21. Use of rangefinder
The use of a rangefinder is allowed if it is used only for distance measurement, no other additional measurements (slope, wind speed, etc.) are allowed.

22. Use of golf cart
Not allowed. Please see Annex 5 of the Competition Rules.

23. Announcement of results
After the last round of the competition, all scorecards are received and processed within 30 minutes.
Net results in Hungarian Championship will be announced after the second round.

24. Championship officials
Designated by the MGSZ, the exact list of names will be indicated in the GOLFiGO system.

25. Championship Committee:
The Championship Director of the MGSZ, the MMAGE representative, the venue representative, and the Referees. The exact list will be published in the GOLFiGO system.

The conditions of the Championship are subject to change.

It is the responsibility of the player to be familiar with the terms and conditions of the tournament and the rules. The decision of the Tournament Committee is final and cannot be appealed.

February, 2024