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Participation fee

  • For club members:
  • 200 euros
  • For guests:
  • 200 euros


Organizer: Hungarian Golf Federation

21-23th July 2023 (3 individual Stroke Play rounds, 54 holes). Official practice day: 20th July 2023 (Thursday), Tee Time bookings: Zala Springs Golf Resort (+36 20 403 4960).

Zala Springs Golf Resort (8782 Zalacsány, Csányi László u. 54.).

The 63. Hungarian Amateur Open Championship will be held in accordance with the R&A rules, the Competition Rules and Rankings of the Hungarian Golf Federation and the local rules of the Zala Springs GR during the competition.

Any Hungarian amateur golfer who complies with point 1 of Appendix 2 to the Competition Rules (VSZM2) and any amateur golfer registered abroad who complies with point 2 of Appendix 2 to the Competition Rules (VSZM2) are eligible to enter.

Form of Competition:
All three rounds (54 holes) are individual Stroke Play, where the field is cut after the second day of the tournament (36 holes).

Rules of cut:
The cut is at 72 players, including tied players, keeping initial gender ratio of the players. The exact application of the Cut (number of players, gender ratio, etc.) may be modified by the Tournament Director in his / her own discretion, but the exact description must be posted on the information board by 12:00 on the day of the practice or in the GOLFiGO system.
The Competition Committee decide (if circumstances allow) that in the case of CUT, players who have not made it to the finals can also play (out of competition) on the day of the final, but they can only start 30 minutes after the last group of players (Flight).

Handicap modification:
The competition is a handicap modifier.

Entry for the tournament:
Entry (sign up) is possible in online mode only at the GOLFIGO system. (

Entry fee:
200 euros

Entry and other deadlines:
Entry deadline: 17th July 2023 (Monday) 12:00 hours
Deadline for receiving (crediting) the entry fee: 18th July 2023 (Tuesday) 12:00 hours

Entries can only be cancelled online in the GOLFiGO system, with a deadline (without “No Show” entry): Wednesday, 19th July 2023 till 12:00 hours

Entry becomes valid upon payment of the participation fee. Entries will only be accepted by the Organizer together with the payment of the entry fee by the deadline! The entry fee must be paid to the following bank account of Hungarian Golf Federation: OTP Bank Zrt. 11794008-20511052-00000000.
IBAN: HU07 1179 4008 2051 1052 0000 0000
The name of the player and the tournament must be entered in the notice box.

Entry fee includes:
- Green Fee on the practice day and tournament days (4 Green Fee in total)
- 3x Snack "starter" package
- 1x Hot meal

Entry limit:
A total of up to 150 entries will be accepted by the Organizer.

Handicap Limits:
For Hungarian Male players:12.0
For Hungarian Female players: 18.0
For Foreign registered Male players:6.0
For Foreign registered Female players: 12.0
(In all cases, the deadline for entries is relevant.)

Players with a higher HCP Index may not enter the tournament (except for a maximum of 6 free card players issued by the organizer, provided that the HCP Index of any free card player(s) does not exceed 24.0)

Ranking list points:
The competition is a World Ranking event and is registered in the WAGR calendar and present in EGA calendar.

Home Ranking list Points are awarded to players (according to the Leaderboard Scoring Table) who meet the requirements set out in Section 1 of the Ranking list Notice.

- The startlist of the first round will be available on the GOLFiGO system no later than 12:00 pm on Thursday,20th July 2023.
- The startlists of the other rounds can be viewed in the GOLFiGO system within one hour after the official end of the previous competitions.
In the second round, the field will start in ascending order based on the first day's Stroke results.
In the third round, the field will start in descending order based on the combined Stroke results of the first and second days.
- Completion of the startlist is according to Appendix 1 of the Competition Rules (VSZM1).

Teeing area:
Men: White
Women: Blue

In case of a tie at the last round of the tournament, in either the Gross Men's or Gross Women's result categories, the players concerned will play a Playoff until the winner is clearly identified ("sudden death"). The Playoff will take place at the time and at the hole(s) designated by the Competition Committee.
For all other positions, the final result is based on the better overall results of the last 36, 18, 9, 6, 3, 1 sections.

Men (Open category): I., II., III.
Women (Open category): I., II., III.

Men (Hungarian citizen category): I., II., III.
Women (Hungarian citizen category): I., II., III.

Double remuneration is allowed.

Scorecard submission
The scorecard must be signed by the Player and the Marker immediately after the end of the game and leave it in the Scoring Area. If the player has handed over the scorecard, he/she has no further modification or correction.

The time of the round
According to Appendix 4 of the Competition Rules (VSZM4).

Caddies are allowed (according to point 9 of the Competition Rules).

Golf distance finder usage
The usage of a distance finder is permitted if it is used only to measure distance, no other additional measurement (slope, wind speed, etc.) is permitted.

Golf car use
According to Appendix 5 of the Competition Rules (VSZM5). (No player may compete in the tournament using a golf cart.)

Victory ceremony
Within 20 minutes of receiving and processing all scorecards after the final round.

Selected by Hungarian Golf Federation, the exact list will be displayed in the GOLFiGO system.

Competition Committee:
The Competition Director of the HGF (President of the Competition Committee), the representative of the organizing club, the Referees, the exact list will be displayed in the GOLFiGO system.

The organizer of the competition and the Competition Committee reserve the right of changes. It is the player's responsibility to know the terms and conditions of the tournament. The decision of the Competition Committee is final and cannot be appealed.