2024-05-04 00:00:00


Participation fee

  • For club members:
  • from 7 900 HUF
  • For guests:
  • from 16 900 HUF

We welcome you to the second stage of our Race to Zala Springs series!
From this year on we will also host the CityPearl GolfTour on the Friday before every Race to Zala Springs!

More details:

Plan a long weekend of golf with discounted accommodation rates:
players who participate in the tournament (and also start the CityPearl GolfTour on Friday) can also enjoy discounted accommodation. The
discount is 25% for Zala Springs club members and 20% for all other players.

Enter as many of our tournaments as you can to increase your chances of winning a full Zala Springs Golf Resort membership next year.

Entry fees:
For non-club members: 36.900 HUF
For club members: 10.900 HUF
Weekdays club members and non-Zala Springs club members juniors: 16.900 HUF
Junior club members: 7.900 HUF

Game format: maximum Gross PAR +5 strokes Strokeplay 18 Stages - HCP Modifier
Tournament The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make changes.

Have a good game!